Why choose me?

Crochet is one of my big passions and I always put my heart into it. If my product is not 100% good for me I won't put it up for sale because I know if I am not happy I can't expect you to be happy.

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"Astrid makes the most beautiful things and with pretty details. I just love my barefoot sandals and wear them in my yoga classes" 

Sara Lebrun

About Me

Astrid Algra

store owner

I have always loved being creative and especially with the knitting needles and crochet hook. When I was 7 years old  I made my first barbie scarf and have never stopped since :)

Also I love to try out all sorts of stitches, patterns and yarn,  For clothes I always work with 100% cotton as I live in a warm country (South of Spain) and this is the most comfortable material.

Bright and happy  colours are my absolute favorite as they have a happy vibe. I put all my love into working whatever I am making and hope it will show. 




Avenida Estrella del Mar, Benalmádena Costa, Málaga.

Monday to Sunday

9.00 am - 6.00 pm.

If these hours are complicated for you it's always possible to make an apointment with me after 6 pm.